2012 Cleanup Summary

The Herrington Lake Conservation League work crews were out on the lake for a total of 47 work weeks last year. Every spring before boating season begins, they sweep the lake of man-made debris. We started last year in early April, and spent three weeks picking up man-made debris in Cane Run, Rocky Fork, Tanyard Branch, and from the dam to Bryant’s Camp.

Then we went to work on woody debris. We pulled large trees and limbs out of the water onto the bank and started cutting and stacking. We spent a lot of time in places like Gerrie Hollow and Mile Stretch, because a lot of wood collects there because of the currents. In May we cleaned Tanyard Branch, and the main lake focusing downstream from Herrington Marina. Then, before the holiday weekend we spent more time picking up man-made debris from Kings Mill to the dam so everyone could enjoy the beauty of the lake for the first long weekend and the kickoff of boating season.
In June we had two crews working full-time focusing downriver. We know the folks downriver have felt neglected because during the last two years, because of the water levels, you all didn’t have banks for us to work on. From mid-June to mid-September the two crews focused on cutting and stacking woody debris, spending the majority of their time downriver from Mid Lake. It was so dry, I’m sure you saw piles and piles and piles of wood on the banks just waiting for the summer drought to end.
We collected over 600 cubic yards of man-made debris and an estimated 900 tons of wood. We continued to work through December, until we ran out of funding.
The cleanup accomplished in 2012 definitely put us in maintenance mode. Even with the high water we have had so far this year we hope you will agree that the Lake is looking pretty darn good.
We hope you will generously respond to the membership solicitation included in this newsletter so we can get the crew back on the lake before boating season begins in 2013.