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Lake levels fluctuate considerably throughout the year depending on how much rainfall occurs in the watershed, how much water Kentucky Utilities uses to run the hydroelectric turbines (yes they still work), and other water losses due to evaporation and withdrawals by the City of Danville for drinking water. Kentucky Utilities tries to maintain the water level at about 740 feet above sea level during the summer and 725 feet in the winter. Their ability to control water levels is limited because only Mother Nature can add water to the lake and the turbines at full operation can only drop the lake by slightly more than a foot per day. To check the lake level call 859.748.4685.

Herrington Lake can rise up to 15 feet in one day when heavy rainfall occurs in the Dix River watershed, even with little or no rain on your dock. Fluctuations in water levels wreak havoc with docks left unattended. Boat docks remain the largest contributor to the pollution of Herrington Lake. Those that are not properly maintained or adjusted due to changing lake levels break apart and float off to create litter and unsafe boating conditions. An indication of the size of the problem is illustrated by the fact that during 2004 with financial assistance from Bluegrass PRIDE, HLCL removed 41 derelict docks from the lake.

HLCL strongly recommends that all dock owners make arrangements to have their docks adjusted when they are unable to do so to prevent docks from floundering on rocks when water levels recede or from floating away with rapid water level increases. Many people on the lake offer dock monitoring, adjusting, repair, and construction services. If you need help with protecting or maintaining your dock there are several ways to find people who can help, including:

  • Ask your neighbors who they would recommend
  • Ask HLCL members (see League Officers section on this web site)
  • Contact Marina operators on the Lake for advice.

Contact any of the people listed below who we know offer these services:

 John Tudor 859-748-8916
 Darwin Holloway 859-963-8615
 Marine Works (at Pandora Marina) 859-748-6180
 Bubba Seagraves 859-548-2696
 Davey Neal 859-548-2091
 Don Stivers 859-734-4418
 Larry Swank (at Red Gate Marina) 859-548-3507
 S&S Lake Services 859-806-3613
 Mike Walton 859-548-2416