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Lets give a big hand!I would like to say "My hat is off to the Herrington Lake Conservation League!". Honestly, my wife and I had been looking for lake property the last 5 years. Of course like everyone else we looked further south in the state. The prices of the property didn't seem too overly inflated, untill we drove for two hours to see we had no view of the water.  My wife one day suggested we drive to Herrington Lake. She did not realize what she had just asked me to do! She had been living out of the state for the last 25 years, and had just asked me to drive a long 30 minutes to a place when I was last there was filthy, with floating plastic milk jugs and submerged trees. What was she asking me to do? So, I hooked the boat up just knowing she would see how dirty the hull would be after only a hour or two in the water, and finally admit to me she was wrong for suggesting to go. Now, after a full day at the lake and returning the following day. My mouth was still hanging open catching flies. I have to say I was totally shocked. I had not been to Herrington for several years, and I was still amazed. I wanted to find out who was resposible for such a cleanup project. After asking several people along the road and communities, and all pointed to the "Herrington Lake Conservation League". My hat is off to each of you! I now, am a proud Herrington Lake property owner, inviting friends, just to be able to look at them with their mouths open, so I (not my wife) can say "I told you so".

Thank You, a job well done goes out to each of you. I, will now be out there with all you volunteers. I am impressed and want to be part of that group of people.

D. Young

Lexington, Ky.