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The Half Life of Garbage


Without an active clean-up effort like the continuing activities conducted routinely by HLCL over the past five years it would take a very long time for trash to disappear.  
Here is a list indicating how long trash survives in the lake if we do nothing.
The next time you pass by a floating object, take the time to pick it up and dispose of it properly. It could have gotten there innocently. It only takes a few minutes, to save years of beauty for you and your family.


· Paper towels 2-4 weeks
· Cardboard box 2 months
· Waxed milk carton 3 months
· Plywood 1-3 years
· Painted wood stick 13 years
· Styrofoam cups and dock floatation material NEVER!!!
· Aluminum cans 200 years
· Plastic bottle 450 years
· Monofilament fishing lines 600 years
· Glass bottles could be forever


.....and, what about those tires & appliances